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What if you could finally get rid of paper procedures, while being more efficient, accurate and agile? You're now one click away to discover what's in it for you!
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GF Trace App – The smart way to manage your assets!

Complete your data

Collect easily and automatically all your field data. From products & tools to the worksite itself through progress & performances, get rid of paper and enable field works digitization!

Trace all products

Read any type of product QR Codes, Traceability barcodes, article numbers or customized labelling and record exactly what your teams install in the field.

Get high accuracy

Record the x, y and z coordinates of anything you install or want to measure, with a centimetric accuracy in seconds.
GPS recording has never been so easy!

Automate welding

Read the welding parameters from your product tag, send it via bluetooth to your welding machine, weld in a click and get your report automatically back.

Schedule follow-ups

Define maintenance periods and set reminders, let supervisors - or anybody you would like - know that your job is done and anticipate on the next steps from day one!

Interact in real time

Take pictures and synchronize all your actions live in the cloud. Field and office workers can keep a constant link, share thoughts and take key decisions together.

Simple, Fast, Flexible!
A modular and open approach to digitalization of field works

We strived not only for highly effective software and app development, but also for immediate user-friendliness. The app adapts to your needs and not the opposite round!

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